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Compass, Dash, Matt Black, Cayenne E3 2018-

In addition to the display of the four cardinal and intercardinal points of the compass in the instrument cluster with PCM, a compass display on the dashboard is available in combination with PCM. The compass consists of the fixed LCD display in the center and the outer movable ring. The red marking on the ring indicates the cardinal point of the compass. The central display shows the current degree heading of the driving direction and the altitude of the vehicle position. The device also has a display in which the altitude above sea level and the compass direction are displayed. The compass direction is displayed rounded off to the nearest degree. The altitude above sea level can be displayed in meters or feet. The value range extends from - 999 m/ft to 19,999 m/ft. The display values are determined by PCM from the GPS data SEND your VIN to check if suitable for your Cayenne. FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE
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