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Complete Set of Roof-Cage Accessories

No matter where the adventure takes you, the complete set of roof cage accessories equips you perfectly for a stage off the beaten track. The set includes: two water canisters, canister holder, recovery boards and board holders, a folding spade and a water-repellent outdoor travel bag. All products feature the unmistakable "PORSCHE" logo and can be fastened securely to the roof cage for driving.
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Seat Backrest Protector with Pockets

The backrest protector prevents soiling and damage to the backs of the seats through dirty shoes or kicks by the rear passengers. It can be attached effortlessly at the bottom by means of a magnet clip and hook. Four integrated pockets provide additional storage space. Suitable for all Porsche's. 1 pack single cover.
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Wheel Bag Set, Size L, 356, 911, 914, 924, 928, 944, 959, 964, 968, 993, 986 and 996

For a clean way to store complete wheels: The Porsche wheel bags (size L) in a four-piece set for tyre sizes of 16–19 inches (tyre circumference of up to 2070 millimetres and diameter of up to 660 millimetres); for use on Porsche 356 (1948 to 1965), for Porsche 911 (1965 to 1989), for Porsche 914 (1970 to 1976), for Porsche 924 (1976 to 1988), for Porsche 928 (1978 to 1991), for Porsche 944 (1982 to 1991), for Porsche 959 (1987 to 1988), for Porsche 964 (1989 to 1994), for Porsche 968 (1992 to 1995), for Porsche 993 (1994 to 1998), for Porsche Boxster (986; 1997 to 2004) and for Porsche 996 (1998 to 2005). The bags are particularly durable thanks to the high-quality materials used and the first-class craftsmanship. The sewn-on pocket ensures secure storage of wheel bolts after wheel changes. The wheel bags also feature a position drawing with a marking to ensure that the wheels are assigned correctly.
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