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Choose Thrilling. Increased.

As if made for an intense lifestyle. Up close on the road. With plenty of space for hobbies and leisure. With personalisation options from Porsche Tequipment, you not only extend the scope of your Macan, but also lend it your very own personal touch.

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12V Li-ion Battery Trickle Charger Pro

Charger (5.0 A) with trickle charging and battery monitoring functions as well as two charging modes for Porsche 12V lead-acid batteries and Porsche 12V lithium-ion batteries (12V LiFePO). Please note: An adapter is available as an option for vehicles without cigarette lighter.
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$324.00 incl tax

2-in-1 Display Cleaner in Black

The 2-in-1 display cleaner ensures clean touchscreens without dirt or fingerprints. The display cleaner convinces with its puristic bottle design as well as its intelligent concept: Simply spray the cleaning liquid onto the display and wipe it off with the microfibre cover of the bottle. Also suitable for smartphones and tablets.
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3-Piece Sponge Set for all Models

Contents: 1x Porsche Classic wax applicator: the high-quality and durable applicator is ideal for optimal application and processing of the hard wax. 1x Porsche Classic polishing pad: the high-quality and durable pad is ideal for optimal application and processing of the polish. 1x sponge: together with the car shampoo, it is ideal for thorough but gentle cleaning of aggressive dirt.
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$43.00 incl tax $38.70 incl tax

Air Freshener for all Models

The exclusive Porsche fragrance dispenser make the ride in your Porsche even more unique and provide a pleasant smelling experience in the vehicle interior. The fragrance dispenser was developed especially for Porsche. In the original 911 design in different color variants, they are easily attached in the ventilation grille and unfold a pleasant scent through the air flow of your car ventilation.
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$29.00 incl tax

Battery Charger Adaptor

For vehicles without cigarette lighter. For connecting the Charge-o-mat Pro directly to the vehicle battery.
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$46.00 incl tax

Book, Guarantee & Maintenance, All Models (Exc. Taycan)

Guarantee & Maintenance booklet for all models except Taycan.
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$22.00 incl tax

Car Cover, Outdoor, Macan

Custom-fit outdoor vehicle cover made of water-repellent material with a coloured Porsche Crest and „PORSCHE“ logo. Including anti-theft protection.
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$720.00 incl tax

Cargo Flexible Luggage Fastener

For organising the luggage compartment – even with an agile driving style: The flexible luggage fastener with the “PORSCHE” logo won’t let anything slip. The Porsche flexible luggage fastener is made of mouldable foam enclosed in moisture- and dirt-repellent nylon on the outside. A Velcro layer is attached to the underside, which adheres so firmly to the carpet that the objects do not slip. There are large Velcro loops at both ends. They allow the Velcro fastener to easily be loosened. All this makes the Porsche Flexible luggage fastener an extremely versatile everyday tool. It can be easily bent into shape and individually adjusted. For example, bottles can be securely wedged and separated from each other. Potted plants will no longer tip over while driving and the notebook stays in place when cornering. If multiple luggage fixing points are used, larger objects, such as briefcases, shopping totes and sports equipment, can also be secured so that they don’t move around. Another option is to divide the luggage compartment into various segments. This creates a tidy and well-organised space. Regardless of how this versatile luggage system is used. It always offers added value – for everyday use, for leisure time and for work. Details: - Material: Foam, nylon - Colour: Black - Dimensions: 96 x 5 x 5 cm (length x width x height)
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$46.00 incl tax $41.40 incl tax

Cargo Liner with Variable organiser, Macan

Custom-fit, anti-slip protective liner with "PORSCHE" logo. Waterproof and washable. With adjustable partition elements for safe transport of items. The lockable cover at the height of the loading sill facilitates loading and unloading of the luggage compartment.
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$510.00 incl tax

Cargo Liner, Macan

Custom-fit protective liner in Black with vehicle silhouette and PORSCHE logo. Waterproof and washable. Freight charge applies or choose Free Pick Up in checkout.
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$262.00 incl tax

Cargo Luggage Net, Macan

Floor net with 4 integrated hooks for fastening. For secure fastening and safe transport of items in the luggage compartment Hooks specially optimised for fastening to the vehicle lashing points Easy handling Also suitable for larger items of luggage through variable tensioning
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$153.00 incl tax

Coloured Crest Wheel Centre Caps Set

A detail that gives wheels the finishing touch. Set of 4 with coloured Porsche Crest. This product varies across Porsche model range. Please provide VIN etc so we can supply correct caps set. Not applicable for vehicles with centre locks.
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$275.00 incl tax

Complete Set of Roof-Cage Accessories

No matter where the adventure takes you, the complete set of roof cage accessories equips you perfectly for a stage off the beaten track. The set includes: two water canisters, canister holder, recovery boards and board holders, a folding spade and a water-repellent outdoor travel bag. All products feature the unmistakable "PORSCHE" logo and can be fastened securely to the roof cage for driving.
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$2,086.00 incl tax $1,877.40 incl tax

Cup Holder Ashtray

Insertable ashtray in unique design including cigarette extinguisher and removable lid with rubber seal and "PORSCHE" logo. The insertable ashtray fits perfectly in the cupholder of the vehicle and can be easily removed and emptied at any time.
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$139.00 incl tax

Cup Holder Coasters, Set of 2

The cup holder coaster set consists of two inserts for the Porsche cupholder. They are available in three selected designs. The rubber-coated underside prevents slipping. The car coasters can therefore also be used outside the cupholder as a support to protect other surfaces from scratches, stains or moisture damage. Details: - 2 car coasters for the cupholders in the vehicle - Rubber-coated underside - Overflow edge - Can also be used outside the vehicle as a drinks coaster
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$70.00 incl tax

Dash Cam, Porsche

The Porsche Dash cam is suitable for making videos of driving situations and parking maneuvers. It is operated via a special app in which all settings can be carried out. Recorded videos are saved on the supplied SD card and continuously overwritten. If the Dash cam detects a strong vibration or the radar sensor is triggered, the recorded video is stored separately and is not overwritten. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app. Please Note: 718 Cayman, Panamera G2, 992 Coupe, Macan III, Taycan - all with Factory Camera preparation - Kit includes front and rear cameras. All other models front camera only. Installation at Porsche Centre Doncaster can be arranged, additional Labour charges apply. Please call our Service team on 8849-8588.
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Dog Inflatable Box for Cargo - Cayenne & Macan

With the inflatable Porsche trunk box, dogs of different sizes can be transported easily and safely. The box, which is available in two sizes, has three attachment options on each side, to which it can be fixed firmly in the vehicle using the straps supplied. It is particularly easy and practical to use, because the trunk box for dogs is not only foldable and particularly light, but can also be inflated in a very short time. The air cushions filled in this way act like an airbag as impact protection for the dog. Bumps are also dampened in this way, which offers maximum comfort during transport. The boot box is made of soft components: its innovative dropstitch material, known from the sports sector, is not only particularly comfortable but also extremely robust. It reliably withstands scratches, bites, dirt and liquids. Thanks to the hygienic and water-repellent material properties, the trunk box can be completely washed off with water from the inside and outside. The openings of the trunk box are made of translucent mesh fabric, which ensures good ventilation. One of the windows is on the back of the box, allowing a clear view of the vehicle interior. The robust zippers can be fixed so that they cannot be opened by the dog. The trunk box has a carrying handle on the underside, and the window reveals serve as additional handles. The included loading sill protection can be attached to the box with carabiners and thus prevents dirt and scratches on the vehicle. The trunk box for dogs is also suitable for use outside the vehicle. For example, it serves as a place to sleep at home or as a familiar retreat when travelling. Available in two different sizes: Wide trunk box: Suitable for Labradors, Irish Setters, German Shepherds, Collies, Rottweilers, Dalmatians and many more up to 40 kg Narrow trunk box: Suitable for Yorkshire Terriers, Pekingese, Dachshunds, Miniature Poodles, Pomeranians and many more up to 18 kg Product details: - Trunk box for dogs made of dropstitch material in gray with "PORSCHE" lettering - side storage net and zips in black - available in two sizes (wide and narrow) - dimensions (width x depth x height): trunk box wide: external dimensions: 95 x 82 x 69 cm; Inner dimensions: 85 x 77 x 64 cm Trunk box narrow: Outer dimensions: 50 x 82 x 69 cm; Interior dimensions: 40 x 77 x 64 cm - incl. loading sill protection in grey - Incl. 4 fastening straps (2x short, 2x long) - Incl. foot pump with hose in black - Incl. repair set
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$1,592.00 incl tax $1,432.80 incl tax

Door Edge Protector for Garage or Workshop

The ideal accessory for your own Porsche dream garage: the door edge protector ensures safety when getting in and out of the car. The shock-absorbing material protects the vehicle doors from scratches when opened. With the help of invisible screw points, the door edge protector can be attached to smooth and rough surfaces, such as the garage or workshop wall. Designed by Studio FA Porsche and the door edge protector bears the inscription "PORSCHE". 2 protectors per box.
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$185.00 incl tax

Door Entry Scuff Plates, Carbon, Macan GTS

Set of 2 in carbon with model logo, including loading sill protection in carbon. Suits all Macan GTS models. *Turbo pictured.
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$1,396.00 incl tax

First Aid Kit

Thanks to the clearly arranged interior of the fabric bag, the emergency items can be picked out very quickly. It can be stored in the luggage compartment of any vehicle to save space. In addition to being used in the vehicle, the first aid kit is also a practical companion in other areas of life — for example when travelling, gardening or around the house. Contents: - 2 skin cleansing wipes - 1 adhesive plaster roll 500 cm x 2.5 cm - 14 piece plaster assortment: - 4 adhesive bandages 10 cm x 6 cm - 2 fingertip plasters - 2 finger strip plasters 12 cm x 2 cm - 2 plaster strips 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm - 4 plaster strips 2.5 cm x 7.2 cm - 1 bandage S small - 2 bandages M medium - 1 bandage L large - 1 dressing sheet 60 cm x 80 cm - 6 compresses 10 cm x 10 cm - 2 elastic bandages 6 cm x 400 cm - 3 elastic bandages 8 cm x 400 cm - 1 emergency blanket - 1 triangular bandage - 2 face masks - 1 first aid scissors - 4 disposable gloves (large) - 1 first aid brochure - 1 Table of Contents
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$70.00 incl tax

Floor Mats, Carpet, Macan, Black

Four-piece set, in selected interior colours, with nubuck edging and embroidered silver „PORSCHE“ logo. Contours adapted to the footwell Non-slip due to special fastening system
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$327.00 incl tax

Folding Spade

Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the endless sea of deserts will need equipment that they can always rely on – including a robust folding flap. The pull-out Spatula with "PORSCHE" logo is a true all-rounder. In addition to the Spaten, its titanium-coated steel blade also has an axe and saw function. It can therefore be used for the free drift of the vehicle as well as for designing the nightcam and for locating firewood. After completing the work, the Spatula disappears into the thick black boot. The best way of transporting the spatula is in the roof cage. With the available bracket, the Spatula can be attached in such a way that it is secured securely even during sporty driving and remains at hand at all times. Details: – Flaps including axt and additional sawing function on the spatula blade – Material: Steel with titanium coating; plastic handle – Colour: Black – Length (folded out): max. 565 mm
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$348.00 incl tax

Folding Spade Holder for Attaching to the Roof Cage

Folding spade holder for attaching to the roof cage
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$185.00 incl tax

Footrest for Rear Passenger

Wedge-shaped footrest for seating comfort in rear of vehicle. Covered with Black carpet and decorative side frame in electroplated look. It is secured by a strap, which can be fastened around the floor mat. Please note: Only for use with original Porsche floor mats.
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$637.00 incl tax

Fuel Container (5Ltr) for all Models

Porsche 5-litre fuel canister with filler tube and cloth; for use with all Porsche models. Please do not store partly filled canister over 40° C and do not store in direct sunlight.
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$38.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in 75Y of Porsche Sportscars Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
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$266.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in Heritage Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$266.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in Salzburg Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$266.00 incl tax

High-Visibility Jacket

Two high-visibility jackets in a striking yellow with reflective stripes in compact package size. Can be stowed in the glove box or in the storage bins in the vehicle.
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$29.00 incl tax

Interior & Screen Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Red

High-quality black microfibre cloth with embossed "PORSCHE" logo. For efficient and gentle cleaning of screens and other sensitive surfaces in the interior.
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$16.00 incl tax

Interior Cleaning Care Set with Case

Cleaning set for the Porsche interior in a handy case. Porsche Tequipment cleaning and care products have been specially developed for Porsche vehicles and optimally complement one another. They help to keep your Porsche interior looking showroom-perfect. The interior cleaning set contains: - A cockpit cleaner (100 ml) to remove dust and dirt from glass and plastic surfaces. - A 2-in-1 display cleaner (10 ml) for clean touchscreens without dirt or fingerprints. - A leather cleaner (100 ml) for smooth-finish leather. This removes dirt and stains completely without altering the original colour. The leather surface is thus optimally prepared for subsequent treatment with the leather conditioner. - A leather conditioner (100 ml) for smooth-finish leather containing high-quality jojoba oil, which permanently protects against ageing and cracks and restores the natural suppleness of the leather. Special light stabilisers prevent the fading caused by UV radiation. - Two white cotton cloths for vehicle care.
Quantity: 2 in stock
$111.00 incl tax

Key Cover Blades, Painted (991, Macan, 718, Cayenne E1/E2, Panamera G1)

Painted side bolsters for vehicle key. Set consisting of 2 side bolsters. Available in selected exterior colours. Available for: 718 (981 & 982) 911 (991 & 991 II) Panamera (G1 & G1 II) Macan (I , II & III) Cayenne (E2 & E2 II)
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$220.00 incl tax

Key Pouch in Black Leather

Made from smooth-finish leather in selected interior colour, with embossed Porsche Crest and decorative stitching.
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$255.00 incl tax

Macan All-Weather Floor Mats Set

In attractive design with vehicle silhouette and "PORSCHE" logo. Non-slip and impermeable to water. With raised surrounding border.
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$294.00 incl tax $264.60 incl tax

Macan Indoor Car Cover

Custom-fit indoor vehicle cover made from breathable, anti-static and dirt-repellent material. With coloured Porsche Crest and "PORSCHE" logo.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$561.00 incl tax

Macan Reversible Cargo Mat in Black

Reversible luggage-compartment mat with Nubuk surround including loading sill protection. Rubber with anti-slip surface on the back. Available in selected interior colours. Please note: Not for vehicles in conjunction with cargo management (order no. 3GN)
Quantity: 2 in stock
$294.00 incl tax

Macan S (2014-18) High-Gloss Black Rear Badge Kit

Personalise your Macan with this High gloss badge kit.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$807.00 incl tax $564.90 incl tax

Macan Unisex T-Shirt in Large

T-shirt with round neck and short sleeves in the colour grey melange with Macan lettering.
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$68.00 incl tax $54.40 incl tax

Park Distance Pads

For the most stylish way of positioning your own Porsche in the garage: the ParkDistance pads, designed by Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See, feature a red-white curb design based on race tracks and a “PORSCHE” logo on the back. The vehicle can be parked safely at the designated location by driving onto the pads weighing approx. 5 kg. This prevents bumping into the garage wall or obstacles in front of it. The pads consist of a thermoplastic elastomer and are almost completely made of recycled raw materials. They have a handle recess on the underside for easy transport. Suitable for all wheels up to 22 inches. - Dimensions: 580 x 390 x 88 mm (length x width x height) - Weight approx. 5 kg - > 95% recycled material - Wheel size: up to 22 inches Note: Suitable for indoor use only. Please note that the pads’ adhesion depends on the condition of the floor. Sold in pairs.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$278.00 incl tax

Porsche Coolant Antifreeze 1Ltr

Great for that top up! Genuine Porsche concentrate coolant in 1 litre bottle. Mix with water to around 50% or use just as a top up. You may need up to 5 bottles if doing a full coolant flush depending on your model Porsche, message or call us for advice.
Quantity: 40 in stock
$47.00 incl tax

Porsche Crest Valve Sleeves with Caps

Set of 4 valves and caps, please select model and colour.
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$118.00 incl tax

Protective Film, Loading sill, Macan

Perfect-fit transparent protective film for the loading sill. Protects the rear bumper against paint damage when loading and unloading the luggage compartment.
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$98.00 incl tax

Recovery Boards Fastening Pins for Roof Cage

Fastening pins set for attaching the recovery boards to the roof cage.
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$220.00 incl tax

Recovery Boards, Set of 2

The robust plastic boards help to free the vehicle on soft ground. Recovery boards are an indispensable off-road tool for freeing vehicles that are stuck in fine sand, on wet fields or in deep mud, even without external help. Both boards are pushed as horizontally and as far as possible under the previously freed drive wheels. As soon as the tyres have sufficient grip, the journey can continue. The plastic boards also offer their advantages on icy or snow-slick roads. The 3.4 kg grey recovery boards with "PORSCHE" logo are extra thick, retain their shape and feature nubs on the top. Tyres grip them perfectly. The plastic used is extremely hard-wearing, UV-resistant and easy to clean. Molded handles on both sides make professional use easier. Both recovery boards are transported directly above one another in the roof cage and can be quickly secured with four pivoting fastening pins and secured with a padlock against theft. Details: - 2 recovery boards - Material: Plastic - Colour: grey - Dimensions: 650 mm x 330 mm x 70 mm
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$475.00 incl tax

Roof Bike Rack, All Models

Up to 3 bicycle racks can be fitted. For all common types of bicycle up to a frame diameter of 100 mm. With tipping protection for secure mounting of the bicycle. Only in conjunction with roof transport system, sold separately.
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$436.00 incl tax

Roof Cage, Porsche

No matter where the adventure takes you. The robust roof basket provides more storage space on every journey. Whether it's a trip to the beach, a trip to the mountains or a holiday in the snow; luggage can be easily and flexibly secured in the roof box even outside the luggage compartment. The roof basket was designed and tested in the Weissach Development Centre. The lightweight yet extremely stable aluminium frame structure is powder-coated in matte black and features a matte black painted front trim and comes with the words “PORSCHE” on the front. The floor of the roof box consists of 5 lengthwise profiles. Loads carried can be secured individually to them – for example, using the 2 lashing belts and 4 belt holders provided. Installing the roof basket is very simple. It is fixed firmly to the cross beams of the roof transport system base carrier with a few turns. A wide range of Porsche Tequipment and lifestyle accessories are available for the roof basket. These include a petrol and a water canister, canister holders, recovery boards, board holders a folding spade, a water-repellent outdoor travel bag, belt holders and additional lashing belts. Details: - Roof basket - Material: Aluminium, powder-coated, and plastic, painted - Colour: black (matte) - Dimensions: 1.500 mm x 1.120 mm x 135 mm - 4 belt holders and 2 lashing belts Note: When mounting luggage, country-specific legal requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations must be observed. Please note the approved roof load of your vehicle.
Quantity: Up to 14 Days into Store
$3,708.00 incl tax $3,337.20 incl tax

Roof Racks Kit, Macan

2 lockable aluminium bars that are anchored to the roof rails. Suitable for all Porsche load-carrying devices (e.g. roof box, bicycle rack, racing bike carrier, ski rack and snowboard holder). Max. load-bearing capacity 75 kg. Note: Only in conjunction with the roof rails ex works -Optimal transport base -Theft protection in the form of locks on each carrier -Parallel carrier rails allow simple and secure mounting of accessories -Total weight of the system is only 5 kg
Quantity: 1 in stock
$556.00 incl tax $500.40 incl tax

Roof Tent Inner Liner

Extend the camping season for a few weeks or reach cold regions: Your Porsche is ready to test new limits. With the inner tent for the Porsche roof tent you are now well prepared for the expected somewhat fresher nights. Quilted, double-layer insulation made of breathable poly-cotton material works in tandem with new high-frequency welded seams to block cold drafts and retain body heat. Another well thought-out Porsche feature is the simple and precise handling. The inner tent can be attached to the inside of the Porsche roof tent in just a few minutes. For an unobstructed view of the surroundings, all 3 windows and the main door can be rolled up. Details: - Dimensions, packed: 75 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm (length x width x height) - Material: breathable poly-cotton material - Colour: Light grey
Quantity: Approx. 3 weeks into Store
$637.00 incl tax $477.75 incl tax

Seat Coat Hanger, Macan & Cayenne

Everything in a Porsche has to stay in place, even in fast corners. That is why Porsche has further developed the classic coat hanger into a system that fits like a glove on the road and ensures wrinkle-free transport. The modular design makes the elegant clothes hanger a practical companion at any time of the journey: after the basic carrier has been firmly attached with a practical click system, the hanger itself remains removable. A pull-out hook is integrated, so that the system coat hanger with its high-quality soft lacquer surface and Porsche logo in silver also cuts a good figure in the wardrobe. This stylish transport solution is available for all Porsche Macan and Cayenne models with removable headrests.
Quantity: 1 in stock
$204.00 incl tax

Seat Protection Mat for Child Seats or Dog Transport

Hardwearing mat for protection against soiling and damage to vehicle seats. Can be used with all child seats, including those with ISOFIX mountings. Includes 2 storage pockets. Can be fitted on Panamera, Cayenne, Macan and Taycan vehicle seats and the passenger seat of the 911 and Cayman/Boxster.
Quantity: 6 in stock
From $105.00 incl tax