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12V Li-ion Battery Trickle Charger Pro

Charger (5.0 A) with trickle charging and battery monitoring functions as well as two charging modes for Porsche 12V lead-acid batteries and Porsche 12V lithium-ion batteries (12V LiFePO). Please note: An adapter is available as an option for vehicles without cigarette lighter.
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3-Piece Sponge Set for all Models

Contents: 1x Porsche Classic wax applicator: the high-quality and durable applicator is ideal for optimal application and processing of the hard wax. 1x Porsche Classic polishing pad: the high-quality and durable pad is ideal for optimal application and processing of the polish. 1x sponge: together with the car shampoo, it is ideal for thorough but gentle cleaning of aggressive dirt.
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Air Freshener for all Models

The exclusive Porsche fragrance dispenser make the ride in your Porsche even more unique and provide a pleasant smelling experience in the vehicle interior. The fragrance dispenser was developed especially for Porsche. In the original 911 design in different color variants, they are easily attached in the ventilation grille and unfold a pleasant scent through the air flow of your car ventilation.
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$29.00 incl tax

Badge, Original Porsche Crest, 911G, 924, 928, 944, 959, 964, 968

The Porsche logo glitters in gold. ‘Stuttgart’ is in raised letters on a recessed background. The colour used on the Porsche Crest is bright translucent red. Model: 911 G (1974–1989), 924 (1976–1988), 928 (1978–1995), 944 (1982–1991), 959 (1987–1988), 964 (1989–1994), 968 (1992–1995).
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Book, Guarantee & Maintenance, All Models (Exc. Taycan)

Guarantee & Maintenance booklet for all models except Taycan.
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$22.00 incl tax

Brake Fluid (1Ltr) in Classic Tin

The brake fluid for your classic Porsche cars in a tin can with an old-time look. So that the genuine feeling that begins when you start driving doesn’t stop when you brake. For installation in 356 Pre A (1948 - 1955) 356 A (1955 - 1959) 356 B (1959 - 1963) 356 C (1963 - 1965) 911 F (1965 - 1973) 914 914 (1970 - 1976) 914/6 (1970 - 1972) 911 G 911 (1974 - 1983) 911 Turbo (1975 - 1989) 911 Carrera (1984 - 1989) 924 924 (1976 - 1985) 924 S (1986 - 1988) 924 Turbo (1979 - 1982) 928 928 (1978 - 1982) 928 S (1980 - 1986) 928 S4 (1987 - 1991) 928 GTS (1992 - 1995) 944 944 (1982 - 1985) 944/2 (1986 - 1989) 944 Turbo (1985 - 1991) 944 S (1987 - 1988) 944 S2 (1989 - 1991) 959 959 (1987 - 1988) 964 911 Carrera 2 (1990 - 1994) 911 Carrera 4 (1989 - 1994) 911 RS (1992 - 1992) 911 Turbo (1991 - 1994) 968 968 (1992 - 1995) 993 911 Carrera 2 (1994 - 1998) 911 Carrera 4 (1995 - 1998) 911 RS (1996 - 1997) 911 Turbo (1995 - 1998) 986 Boxster (1997 - 2004) Boxster S (1999 - 2004) 996 911 Carrera 2 (1998 - 2005) 911 Carrera 4 (1999 - 2005) 911 Turbo (2001 - 2005) 911 GT3 (1999 - 2005) 911 GT2 (2001 - 2005) Carrera GT Carrera GT (2004 - 2006)
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$47.00 incl tax

Car Cover, Indoor, 928

Indoor car cover in White with Porsche Crest and lettering. Made from 100% polyester. The car cover is anti-static, dust-repellent and breathable. The inside is coated and protects the body from scratches.
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$687.00 incl tax

Classic Car Care Set with Storage Bag

Product Description: The relationship you have with your Porsche is something very special and long-term relationships need special care and attention. The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Set is the best way to do this. It can be used on all exterior surfaces and on all Porsche paint generations. Particularly authentic the high-quality, classic-style storage bag with houndstooth pattern.The Set contents 1x Car shampoo (250 ml), 1x Wheel cleaner (500 ml), three-piece brush set, three-piece sponge set, 1x Hard wax (250 ml), 1x Plastic cleaner (250 ml), 1x chamois leather , 2x Microfiber cloth, 1x Paint polish (250 ml), 1x Tire cleaner (500 ml), 1x Cleaning clay (100 g) and 1x Window cleaner (250 ml).
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$1,004.00 incl tax

Classic Motor Oil, 1Ltr, 10W-50 for 924, 944, 968, 928

Porsche recommends the variant with a viscosity of 10W-50 for all Porsche 924, 944, 968 and 928 transaxle vehicles (all derivatives). A synthetic high performance oil, offering superb lubricating and protective properties, with high temperature resistance and very good shear stability in all operating conditions. The engine oil impresses with an excellent cold start viscosity, featuring exemplary flow behaviour through all engine components when starting from cold.
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$31.00 incl tax

Classic Motor Oil, 1Ltr, Can Pouch

The Porsche Classic Motoroil pouch is used to store and transport the 1-litre oil can and its accessories. Includes the accessories required for topping up the oil: A screw-on filler neck, disposable gloves and a Porsche Classic cleaning cloth are supplied in the pouch. The oil can is not supplied with the pouch. Suitable for the following products: • Motoroil 20W-50, 1 litre • Motoroil 10W-60, 1 litre • Motoroil 10W-50, 1 litre • Motoroil 5W-50, 1 litre
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$81.00 incl tax

Crest Sticker for Bonnet, Porsche Classic

New edition from Porsche Classic and a retro element in the 911 Speedster Heritage Design Package: A sticker displaying the historic Porsche crest. For the bonnet lid of your Porsche classic car in format 51x68mm.
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$101.00 incl tax

Door Edge Protector for Garage or Workshop

The ideal accessory for your own Porsche dream garage: the door edge protector ensures safety when getting in and out of the car. The shock-absorbing material protects the vehicle doors from scratches when opened. With the help of invisible screw points, the door edge protector can be attached to smooth and rough surfaces, such as the garage or workshop wall. Designed by Studio FA Porsche and the door edge protector bears the inscription "PORSCHE". 2 protectors per box.
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$185.00 incl tax

Enamel Plate, Porsche Classic 928 GTS

Enamel plate 40x60cm; 928 GTS in Guards Red; "He drops most of it when accelerating. The rest when braking.". Ex Germany please allow 10-14 days into store.
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$321.00 incl tax

Floor Mats, Carpet, 928

Floor mats (set of four) in Black for RHD vehicles including fixing materials; for use on Porsche 928 (1987 to 1998)
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$371.00 incl tax

Fuel Additive, 300ml, Porsche Classic

Possible impact of not using the additive: If your classic cars are left stationary for extended periods of up to seven months, condensation can form in the fuel system. This condensation can cause various components within the fuel system to corrode. The components of the fuel with a low boiling point can evaporate, resulting in a sticky residue on the carburettor and injectors, as well as on the electric pump. After the vehicle is left stationary for long periods, the engine may no longer start, may jolt or may not fire on all cylinders. What amount of additive is recommended? The 300 millilitres of Porsche Classic fuel additive supplied in the container is sufficient for fuel tanks ranging from smaller ones such as the 50-litre tank in the Porsche 356 up to larger tanks with a capacity of 90 litres, such as in the Carrera GT. The fuel additive remains effective for stationary periods of up to seven months and its performance only begins to gradually decline after this length of time. The Porsche Classic fuel additive can be used in all classic Porsche cars. What’s on the inside counts when it comes to optimum car care – and as you would expect, we leave nothing to chance in this respect.
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$25.00 incl tax

Fuel Container (5Ltr) for all Models

Porsche 5-litre fuel canister with filler tube and cloth; for use with all Porsche models. Please do not store partly filled canister over 40° C and do not store in direct sunlight.
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$38.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in 75Y of Porsche Sportscars Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
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$266.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in Heritage Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
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$266.00 incl tax

Garage Mat in Salzburg Design

The perfect underlay for a Porsche enthusiast's favorite place: the velour mats in iconic designs for the garage or workshop.
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$266.00 incl tax

Globe & Fuse Kit (12 Volt), Porsche 928

Reissued by Porsche Classic: set of light bulbs and fuses (12 volts), specially put together for the Porsche 928 from model years 1978 to 1995. The bulbs and fuses are stored in a metal box in Historic Porsche Red, with raised Porsche logo in White and a foam insert inside. Contents of the set: 1x high beam/low beam bulb H4 60/55W, 2x indicator, brake, reversing light bulbs P21W, 1x tail light bulb R5W, 1x tail light bulb R10W, 1x rear fog/tail light bulb P21/4W, 1x parking light, side indicator bulb T4W, 1x number plate light bulb C5W, 1x 1A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 5A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 7.5A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 10A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 15A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 20A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 25A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 30A FK2 safety fuse, 1x 8A torpedo safety fuse, 1x 16A torpedo safety fuse, 1x 25A torpedo safety fuse. Ordered from Germany, please allow 10-14 days into store.
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$133.00 incl tax

High-Visibility Jacket

Two high-visibility jackets in a striking yellow with reflective stripes in compact package size. Can be stowed in the glove box or in the storage bins in the vehicle.
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$29.00 incl tax

Interior & Screen Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Red

High-quality black microfibre cloth with embossed "PORSCHE" logo. For efficient and gentle cleaning of screens and other sensitive surfaces in the interior.
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$16.00 incl tax

ORIGINALE Classic Catalogues, Single Book

Discover the emotive side of fascinating detail. Featuring exciting stories about legendary Porsche classic cars and their genuine parts, complex restoration projects. Limited Stock Available.
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$35.00 incl tax

Park Distance Pads

For the most stylish way of positioning your own Porsche in the garage: the ParkDistance pads, designed by Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See, feature a red-white curb design based on race tracks and a “PORSCHE” logo on the back. The vehicle can be parked safely at the designated location by driving onto the pads weighing approx. 5 kg. This prevents bumping into the garage wall or obstacles in front of it. The pads consist of a thermoplastic elastomer and are almost completely made of recycled raw materials. They have a handle recess on the underside for easy transport. Suitable for all wheels up to 22 inches. - Dimensions: 580 x 390 x 88 mm (length x width x height) - Weight approx. 5 kg - > 95% recycled material - Wheel size: up to 22 inches Note: Suitable for indoor use only. Please note that the pads’ adhesion depends on the condition of the floor. Sold in pairs.
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$278.00 incl tax

PCCM Navigation SD Card Software AU/NZ

For use in PPCM and PCCM+ classic units for Australian and NZ maps.
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$422.00 incl tax

Pinstriped Velour Key Pouch Case

Pinstriped velour key pouch with embossed Porsche Crest for all Porsche models. FREE delivery Australia wide.
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$102.00 incl tax

Porsche Crest Enamel Plate

Enamel sign – Porsche Crest version, 45x38 cm. The new edition of the original from the early 1960s for mounting on your wall. TRADEMARK NOTICE: The PORSCHE CREST is a registered trademark of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. The use of a trademark in commerce without the consent of the trademark’s owner may constitute a trademark infringement. Please note that the sale of the product does not imply consent by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG for use in commerce. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG reserves the right to pursue trademark infringements.
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$664.00 incl tax

Seat Backrest Protector with Pockets

The backrest protector prevents soiling and damage to the backs of the seats through dirty shoes or kicks by the rear passengers. It can be attached effortlessly at the bottom by means of a magnet clip and hook. Four integrated pockets provide additional storage space. Suitable for all Porsche's. 1 pack single cover.
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Silver Metallic Hub Cap for Porsche 911, 924, 944, 928, & 964

Hub cap in Silver Metallic with Porsche Crest in black; for use on Porsche 911 Carrera (1984 to 1989), Porsche 924 Turbo (1979), Porsche 924 and 924 S (1980 to 1988), Porsche 928 /S/S4 (1978 to 1991), Porsche 944 and 944/2 (1982 to 1991) and S2 (1990 to 1991) and Porsche 964 Carrera 2/4 (1990 to 1994)
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Spanner Tool Set, with Box, 5-Piece

Reminiscent of the 1960s, this five-piece spanner tool set with box from Porsche Classic has a classic design. Forged with embossed PORSCHE logo. Contents: 1x open-end spanner 8 mm/9 mm, 1x open-end spanner 10 mm/11 mm, 1x open-end spanner 12 mm/13 mm, 1x open-end spanner 14 mm/15 mm and 1x open-end spanner 17 mm/19 mm
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Sponge, Porsche Car Care

Car sponge with "PORSCHE" logo
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$9.00 incl tax

Tool Bag, Classic, Porsche 928

Porsche Classic tool bag for Porsche 928 from model years 1978 to 1995. The Porsche Classic tool bag for the 928 comes in the typical psychedelic Pascha pattern of the 1970s and early 1980s. The bag features a reproduction of the crest on the intake manifold of the early Porsche 928 models. In addition, the design of the bag fasteners is based on the characteristic seat adjustment buttons from the early Porsche 928 models. The contents have been reconstructed based on the original tool bag and reissued with the help of the technical drawings of the tools from the original supplier from that time. As a final flourish, the Porsche Classic experts have given the bag some technical and visual upgrades and also added some extra useful tools. Because the tools are exact reproductions of the original tools in terms of their size and shape, they can be stored in the original tool board in the luggage compartment of the Porsche 928, or, for a truly authentic style, they can be carried in the tool bag. Contents: double open-ended spanners (8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 17x19), wheel nut spanner, spark plug socket spanner, 3/8-inch ratchet spanner, towing lug, combination pliers, screwdriver with interchangeable flat-head/Phillips-head, crank for emergency operation, attachment for crank (emergency operation of sliding roof and window regulator), Hexagon socket for seat override, hub cap puller, brass test lamp, five safety fuses and a Porsche cleaning cloth.
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Touch-up Paint with Applicator

Touch-up paint with brush applicator for all models. Please enter VIN so we can supply correct colour.
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$75.00 incl tax

Tyre Protection Set, for all models until 255mm tyre width

Porsche Classic Tyre Protection Set; for use with all Porsche models until 255mm tyre width. Contents: 4 pieces. Ordered from Germany please allow 10-14 days into store.
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$1,041.00 incl tax

Wheel Bag Set, Size L, 356, 911, 914, 924, 928, 944, 959, 964, 968, 993, 986 and 996

For a clean way to store complete wheels: The Porsche wheel bags (size L) in a four-piece set for tyre sizes of 16–19 inches (tyre circumference of up to 2070 millimetres and diameter of up to 660 millimetres); for use on Porsche 356 (1948 to 1965), for Porsche 911 (1965 to 1989), for Porsche 914 (1970 to 1976), for Porsche 924 (1976 to 1988), for Porsche 928 (1978 to 1991), for Porsche 944 (1982 to 1991), for Porsche 959 (1987 to 1988), for Porsche 964 (1989 to 1994), for Porsche 968 (1992 to 1995), for Porsche 993 (1994 to 1998), for Porsche Boxster (986; 1997 to 2004) and for Porsche 996 (1998 to 2005). The bags are particularly durable thanks to the high-quality materials used and the first-class craftsmanship. The sewn-on pocket ensures secure storage of wheel bolts after wheel changes. The wheel bags also feature a position drawing with a marking to ensure that the wheels are assigned correctly.
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$107.00 incl tax