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Key Cover Blades, Design Edition, (992, Taycan, Cayenne E3, Panamera G2)

The perfect accessory for Porsche enthusiasts: The painted vehicle keys are available in four iconic designs. The three-piece scope of delivery consists of scratch-resistant elements for the left and right key fob side casings as well as the centre key fob side casing. The elements already attached to the vehicle key can be replaced with just a few movements. Available in the Grello Design, 917 Salzburg Design. Martini Design and Racing Design. Available for: 911 (992) Taycan Panamera (G2 & G2 II) Cayenne (E3)
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Tow Straps for 911 (992) GT3/GT3RS/GT3 Touring

The towing loop is used for safe recovery when using the vehicle on race tracks, e.g. for pulling the vehicle out of a bed of gravel. To do this, the hook must be screwed into the thread provided at the factory in the front or rear bumper. For secure fastening, the hook should be screwed in using a screwdriver inserted through the hook eyelet, for example. The supplied spacer rings are used to align the loop horizontally. As required, one or more of the washers are screwed on as far as they will go onto the thread of the hook before fitting. Note: The towing loop must not be attached when driving on public roads. Likewise, use for towing the vehicle on public roads is not permitted. The recovery process itself must be carried out by trained personnel. When doing so, make sure that the tensile forces are applied in the direction of the hook, never vertically to this. Jerky loads must also be avoided. The towing loop is not suitable for securing the vehicle on a recovery vehicle or car transport trailer. Improper handling can result in injury or damage to the towing loop or vehicle.
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Drive Mode 2-in-1 Wine Bottle Stopper & Pourer

The design of the 2-in-1 Porsche wine stopper and bottle pourer is inspired by the Drive Mode button. An elegant and practical tool for Porsche and wine fans. Airtight stainless steel lid and drip-free bottle pourer. Diameter: 4.5 cm, Height: 5 cm.
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