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Ladies Sweatshirt from Turbo No.1 Collection

Comfortable women's long sleeves with a wide knitted collar. Slightly overcut shoulders. High-rise, embroidered Porsche lettering next to the Story label on the edge of the front hem. 3D Porsche/Turbo print under the neck hole on the back. 100% cotton Product Information: The Turbo No. 1 collection delivers Porsche performance with a checkerboard pattern in homage to the interior of the first 911 Turbo. The slightly cut out shoulders, wide knitted collar and chunky knit hem give this long sleeve a modern look. The history label on the edge of the front side hem and the high, embroidered Porsche lettering next to it add a special highlight. The detailed design is highlighted by the characteristic checkerboard stripes along the sleeve and the Porsche/Turbo 3D print under the neckline on the back.
$262.00 incl tax