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917 Salzburg Table Clock

A piece of contemporary history: the table clock with a dial in the 917 Salzburg design was designed based on the Sport Chrono clock in the vehicle. The 917 Salzburg emblem decorates the back of the clock. The time is shown in both analogue and digital form on the LCD display. DETAILS: Table clock with 917 Salzburg design. LCD display. Digital and analogue time display. Digital time display in 12 or 24 hour mode. Calendar display with either day-month-year or month-day-year. Original Porsche engine sound as an alarm tone. Countdown for a maximum of 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. In high-quality gift packaging (50% plastic/50% metal)
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Porsche Crest Leather Keyring in Mint Green

Tag your Porsche key with this exclusive special edition of the iconic keyring. One side features the famous Porsche Crest, the other the slogan that sums up 75 years of Porsche sports cars: 'Driven by Dreams. Thanks to the included gift packaging, it is also an ideal gift for all Porsche fans, drivers and dreamers. 'Driven by Dreams' and 'Special Edition' lettering on the back. 75Y Keyring in the 'Driven by Dreams' Special Edition. High-quality, well-crafted Porsche Crest on real leather. Includes gift packaging. Made in Germany. Metal ring holds all Porsche keys.
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