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Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Cutter, 911 Silhouette

For lovers of Porsche and wine: the exclusive wine utensils with corkscrew and foil cutter made of die-cast zinc. The design of the wine utensils is based on the silhouette of the Porsche 911.
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Pen, Model Designation, Essential

Putting performance on paper: the high-quality Porsche rollerball pen with a blue refill. The Porsche model name adorn the lid of the pen. Its ergonomic design enables even long periods of fatigue-free writing.
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$18.00 incl tax $15.30 incl tax

911 Brake Disc Clock

Know the time: the modern 911 brake disc clock from Porsche combines top design with racing tradition. The high-quality clock is made from genuine parts of the 992 GT3 brake system. The hands of the watch are inspired by the rev counter of the legendary 911. Limited to 300 pieces, each with a limited edition plaque. Display model for sale, discounted accordingly. Ex display model last one to clear.
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$4,127.00 incl tax $2,888.90 incl tax

Bottle Opener, Drive Mode

No standard bottle opener: the design of the high-quality Porsche bottle opener made of stainless steel is inspired by the Porsche Drive Mode button. This is how you open bottles in record time. Diameter: 6.0 cm, Height: 3 cm.
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$103.00 incl tax