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LED Reading Lamp, Classic, 356/911F/911G/959/964/993, Coupe

The desire for more light in the vehicle interior is being fulfilled in many classic Porsche models. With its classic design combined with modern LED technology, the bendable reading light in Black blends seamlessly into the interior. In addition to the high quality materials, the well thought-out design is a highlight in itself. There are just a few simple steps between opening the popular packaging in the genuine parts design to the finished installation. No drilling. No wiring. The standard interior light above the B-pillar is simply replaced with the new LED reading light and can be removed again at any time without a trace. Of course, the light still switches on and off automatically when the doors are opened and closed. *Only for Coupé.
SKU: 9016321020X
  • Black
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  • Chrome
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$156.00 incl tax