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Porsche Coolant Antifreeze 1Ltr

Great for that top up! Genuine Porsche concentrate coolant in 1 litre bottle. Mix with water to around 50% or use just as a top up. You may need up to 5 bottles if doing a full coolant flush depending on your model Porsche, message or call us for advice.
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Macan All-Weather Floor Mats Set

In attractive design with vehicle silhouette and "PORSCHE" logo. Non-slip and impermeable to water. With raised surrounding border.
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Air Freshener for all Models

The exclusive Porsche fragrance dispenser make the ride in your Porsche even more unique and provide a pleasant smelling experience in the vehicle interior. The fragrance dispenser was developed especially for Porsche. In the original 911 design in different color variants, they are easily attached in the ventilation grille and unfold a pleasant scent through the air flow of your car ventilation.
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